Tuesdays, Oct 5 - Nov 16, 2021...Seven 3-hour classes.

LIVE Online: 9am-12pm, PDT., or 12-3pm EDT, or 5-8pm in UK

This "Freedom From Family Limitations" course is a very interactive, experiential live group program in which you'll not only learn simple and very effective techniques based upon teacher's grandmother Phyllis Krystal's proven method of "Cutting The Ties That Bind", but we will actually begin to free ourselves from some of the core limiting beliefs and behaviors that originated within our family environments together in a safe and supportive group space. Essentially, this work is all about choosing to be free from the controlling influence of the past and taking practical action to achieve this freedom.

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Welcome Message with Crystal Taylor

Are You Ready To Free Yourself?

Do you find yourself thinking, feeling, or acting in ways that don't really feel like you? Perhaps you've taken on your mother's pattern of constant worry or your father's belief that emotions are a sign of weakness or maybe you keep attracting romantic partners who eventually remind you of one of your parents. It could be that you feel constantly triggered in a family relationship or that you hear the critical voice of one of your family members echoing in your head that keeps you from pursuing your heart's true callings. We all have been born into particular environments within our families which have subconsciously influenced how we perceive and relate to ourselves, others, and the world around us. Every aspect of life is informed and shaped to a certain extent by our early experiences within our families, including patterns that have come down the generations in our lineages. Some are helpful and some hinder us more but ultimately, they all can obscure the natural expression of our true self. This can sometimes feel like we're bound in chains or stuck in a cage without even realizing why we feel this way. THIS COURSE CAN FREE YOU


This is when the materials will be released

  • October 1st: Time to download the workbook provided in preparation for 1st Module.

  • October 5th: First course module starts LIVE with Crystal Taylor. Check your area's time at top of this page.

  • From Tuesday, October 5-November 16: each week a new module will be released.

Module 1 – Symbolism And The Subconscious Mind

Each week we will dive into experiential meditations, art, movement and discussion with a 20 minute break halfway through.

  • Creating a safe space for group work

  • History and background of this method

  • How the subconscious mind works and how to communicate with it and the higher self for lasting change'

  • “Inner House” visualization and symbology as a window into the level of family influence in our current lives

  • Working with the “Golden Circle” symbol to protect our own energetic space

  • Simple techniques for connecting more regularly with our inner wisdom and higher conscious guidance

Module 2 – Cutting The Parental Ties That Bind

  • The importance of “Cutting The Ties That Bind” with our parents

  • Creating healthy boundaries and why "Cutting The Ties That Bind" is an act of love; a mutual gift for you and the other person'

  • Clarity about what we have copied and rejected from our parents and how to find the middle ground between the extremes

  • Removal of guilt and shame that has been passed through to us from previous generations in our lineages

Module 3 – Feeling At Home Within Ourselves

  • The importance of practical spirituality in creating a present and grounded state

  • Cultivating inner security and stability in a chaotic world

  • Protecting ourselves from external energies in our environment, especially for the those who are particularly sensitive

  • Ways to work with the ego, not against it

  • Tools for shifting out of fear and anxiety

Module 4 – Breaking Free From Limiting Beliefs Formed In Early Childhood

  • Exploration of early family atmospheres and how they impact our lives currently

  • Identifying unsupportive beliefs and ways of being that do not belong to us and how to remove them from the roots

  • Discovering whether our inner critic is really the echoing voice of a parent or other family member

  • Illuminating the values and qualities of our true selves

  • First of two freedom ceremonies to remove the controlling influences of either our mother or father

Module 5 – Wholeness And True Self Expression

  • Identifying roles we have been playing out that originated within our families

  • Removing the constricting roles that suffocate our true expression

  • When and why an “Inner Child” part of ourselves becomes splintered off, and how to integrate it back into the whole

Module 6 – Expanding Into New Ways Of Being With Our Families

  • Techniques for helping heal family rifts and improving difficult relationships

  • Releasing common triggers with family members

  • Forgiveness for past hurts

  • Second freedom ceremony to remove the controlling influences of our other parent

Module 7 – Walking The Path Ahead

  • Group experience of a freedom ceremony with a symbol representing a limiting habit or belief as opposed to a person

  • Q&A and review

  • Further integration of the learning and next steps: How to use the meditation recordings to empower ourselves to continue this freedom work beyond this course

  • Closing ceremony with a guided inner journey


Guest Presenter

Crystal Taylor, RSMT, is a Registered Somatic Movement & Creative Arts Therapist with extensive training and experience in a method developed by her grandmother, Phyllis Krystal, for "Cutting the Ties That Bind." Crystal weaves together spirituality, psychology, nature connection, and creative expression to assist others in releasing limiting and painful ways of being while integrating all parts of ourselves and embracing our higher guidance and joyful purpose. Crystal has been offering private sessions, classes and workshop retreats throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, South America, and Asia for more than 15 years and is continually inspired by the magic that happens when people join together with the intention of healing individually and collectively while uplifting the consciousness on this planet. Email: crystal@crystalphoenixrising.com Phone in California: 510-292-4311

What People Have Said:

“Crystal was so professional and covered so much in each session. I found it exciting, challenging, plenty of surprises, and homework to keep us focused. At times l was apprehensive but also excited as l knew l needed to do this healing. The whole group was lovely. Beautiful energy and Crystal created a comfortable and accepting space to explore ourselves at the level we are at. Her very generous offers of help, suggestions and answering questions contributed to a feeling of support. I felt she put a lot of time, energy, and added her own touch to it. Much gratitude for the wonderful sessions.”


“ Crystal is a wonderful teacher. She is very supportive and is always willing to help and answer any questions we have. All her sessions are full of information and guidance to find our true nature which is supreme bliss that exists within us as our true self. My heartfelt gratitude to Crystal for the priceless help, guidance and support in our spiritual path.”


“Crystal put so much thought and preparation into each session, the three hours each time left us with plenty upon which to reflect as well as practical work to do. With her clear connection to the Higher Consciousness, Crystal held the space in a very definite force-field of love within which to dissolve old patterns and grow in freedom. She is a gifted teacher/facilitator, whose focus of transformation for others and for the world shines through her work.”

--Sara Jane

“I have followed a number of courses / workshops with Phyllis Krystal and also with her granddaughter Crystal. Phyllis laid the foundation, but Crystal makes the method sparkle and keeps the method alive as it was intended. She does this in a loving, warm, passionate way. You can feel the energy flowing while we are connected via Zoom. Crystal takes you on a journey and we work hard on the healing of ourselves as well as on the healing of the earth. Highly recommended to break free from parents, ex-partners, children, habits, addictions, physical pain and also from past lives or family karma. And thereby restoring the connection with yourself and the earth.”


Our Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the course for any reason within 30 days from start we will fully return your course fee.