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Review all materials indefinitely at your convenience. We address: How can you tell if someone is "mentally ill" or in an intense spiritual emergency? This brief presentation will describe what works best and give a 2-page table you can use immediately for quick reference . [Why the elephant? It's Ganesh, from India. He is a symbol for overcoming all obstructions.}


Course fee is $48. With the addition of CE credit the fee is $98.

On completion you will be more able to

(This material is especially useful for healthcare providers but is open to anyone interested in the topic)

  • Describe how a person in spiritual emergency differs from someone exhibiting so-called "pathology".

  • Explain why a medical checkup is needed during assessment

  • List the important things to observe during an assessment

  • Recognize how it is you never learned about spiritual emergency in your training/ education

  • Describe how a person's history will point to how long a spiritual emergency will likely last

  • Define most important aspects of supporting someone in spiritual emergency

Course Completion Certificate & CEs

Everyone will receive a course completion certificate on completion. Two Continuing Education Credits or CMEs are available for this course for mental health professionals, nurses and MDs. Find more information on CEs from where you will also find an application we need you to fill out. The fee is $50. and can be paid at registration.


A Pioneer in Defining and Treating Spiritual Emergency

Senior Instructor

Emma is the Founder and Executive Director of Integrative Mental Health University, She is also in private practice, consulting via zoom. On location she offers Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy along with Dr. Benjamin Asher in central Vermont. Dr Bragdon earned her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology in 1987 and was licensed in California as a Marriage, Family, Child Therapist in 1988. She was a volunteer for the Spiritual Emergency Network for 7 years and has been immersed in supporting people in spiritual awakening/ spiritual emergence since 1985. She is a pioneer in the field. Emma has published 7 books and co-produced 2 documentary films. See for more info.

Guest Presenter

As Academic Advisor, Tehseen is developing IMHU's educational program. This includes refining the curriculum, and building a resource Archive to provide the best academic experience possible. Tehseen will also be reaching out to key stakeholders in the broad ecosystem that engages with spiritual crisis and non-ordinary states in service of healing and social justice. This includes spiritual and transpersonal, psychiatric survivor and mad pride, and neurodiversity and healing justice movements. The goal of reaching out is to better understand and empower IMHU's unique role in supporting the growth of this ecosystem.

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“The course "How to Differentiate Spiritual Crisis From Pathology" brings much needed discernment and wisdom into the meeting of soul evolution and mental health. A necessary course for all in a position of providing mental/physical health service of any kind. ”

Jordan Blacktop, PhD.

“I thought the title was too technical, I would have preferred: "How to Differentiate Spiritual Crisis from Mental Illness Episode." Text was amazing!”

Louise Leonard

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absolutely wonderful. thank you

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