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Register for this Preview and help us tailor the proposed course to your interests. Continuing Ed credit has been authorized for psychologists, therapists and nurses. Spiritist Therapies have been developed over more than 100 years in Brazil. They combine shamanic practices (like depossession and energy healing) with the best of modern psychological therapies (like Family Systems), with prayer and with a cautious use of medication. Psychiatrists work alongside medical intuitives and healers in a team approach. They practice an "integrative" paradigm of diagnosis and treatment with a refined notion of consciousness.

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The Invited Presenters

Spiritist Therapies have been highly effective in overcoming addictions, healing from physical illnesses, supporting spiritual awakening, and bringing out the best in those suffering from a spiritual emergency

  • Dr. Dagmar Ramos, psychiatrist and practicing medium, who speaks about the Spiritist paradigm of care at the psychiatric hospital in Goiania, Brazil, Spiritist Hospital Euripedes Barsanulfo.

  • Sergio Vencio, MD, will speak about the work being done at a large Spiritist community center in Goiania, Brazil.

  • Jeffrey Rediger, MD psychiatrist is the author of "Cured". He has researched the power of spiritual healing in Brazil and speaks about how effective it can be. Dr. Rediger is medical director of a Harvard teaching hospital in Massachusetts

  • Emma Bragdon, PhD, is the Ambassador of a Spiritist Hospital in Goiania, Brazil, the author of two books and co-producer of a film on Spiritism. She will introduce the speakers.

  • Alexander Moreira-Almeida, MD has been the former chair on Spirituality for the World Psychiatric Association and the Brazilian Psychiatric Association. He is particularly interested in the role of consciousness in healing as well as research into the effectiveness of Spiritist Therapies in collaboration with Giancarlo Lucchetti..

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