Launching May 25th, June 1 and 8

The course will be online. Go to the new page to enroll: It will involve interviews with experts, interactive Q&A, and presentations. Most can be watched when convenient for you. Please pre-enroll so we can learn more about what you want in the course.


Making Meaning of the Unexpected

Challenging experiences with psychedelics and plant medicines make a demand on the psyche to approach with curiousity and find meaning. This is not always easy. Speaking to others in a safe place, sharing perspectives, creating supportive community can be very helpful. This course will train students to be of support with integration.

An Initiation

Changing Your Sense of Self

Psychedelic and Plant Medicine experiences can challenge us to change our sense of who we really are, who we want to relate to, what work we want to do, and what our past was really about. Support for these changes is sorely needed and often not provided during or directly after the experiences.


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