After registering for the “Spiritual Emergence Coach® Bundle” --please contact to let us know which location/ date of the Practicum you want to attend. If you want to get Continuing Education Units: you will need to sign up for those separately for each of the two courses:

Pricing options

You can pay in full or via a monthly payment.

Get the Spiritual Emergence Coach Bundle and get two courses at a  discount.  You will get access to “How to Effectively Support Someone in Spiritual Emergency” and be able to attend the “Practicum“.  Completing these two courses qualifies you to become a Spiritual Emergence Coach®--if you want. 

 The first course in the Spiritual Emergence Coach Bundle on Support for Someone in Spiritual Emergency is online only and includes 5 webinars, 2 LIVE online meetups, and an abundance of supportive materials (unique vids, resources, articles, worksheets and more). The Practicum is only held in person, on location in various parts of the world, currently near Seattle, WA, USA; near Asheville, NC, USA; near Windsor, VT, USA and in London, UK.

Not sure what a “spiritual emergency” is?  Check out IMHU’s free course: “Spiritual Emergency: What  is it?”

Is this for you?  The online webinar series has been continuously updated and improved each year since 2015.  Fifty percent of those who take the course are interested in more deeply understanding their own experiences of spiritual awakening and some of the psycho-spiritual events that have been disruptive in that process.  Fifty percent of students are dedicated to learning more about Spiritual Emergency because they are MDs, psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors or coaches and want to be able to refine their diagnosis and treatment.  (Continuing Education Credit is available.)   Discussion and networking between those with lived experience and those who are professional health care providers enriches the learning for all, including the need for more sensitive understanding about how to care for oneself or others during the challenges of spiritual awakening.

A “Spiritual Emergence Coach® is unique in the world.  When you are certified you can be included in our international Directory of Spiritual Emergence Coaches®.  As a certified Spiritual Emergence  Coach® you can meetup online once a month, privately, with other certified Spiritual Emergence Coaches® from around the world.  This live dialogue offers a continuous opportunity to network.  In addition, you gain support for your spiritual emergence process as well as your  coaching of others.  Click on this link to see short video interviews with individuals who have already been certified so you can learn how they are using their knowledge and skills.

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