The New Psychiatry: Moving Beyond Psychiatric Medications


Highly effective psychiatrists know the standard drug treatments and add effective new resources from alternatives. See some of these pioneers–from UK, Ireland, and USA. They combine the best of all worlds in diagnosis and treatment. You’ll get resources on where to find such Integrative psychiatrists, and see unique vid interviews.


Get information to broaden your knowledge and resource base and provide some skill in navigating the territory of integrative mental health. ..addressing body,  mind and spirit.  Get a shift in perspectives and attitudes regarding psychiatry and mental health, i.e. how it is practiced today and how it will be practiced in the future…and how using an integrative care model is actually more cost-effective.   Some of the presentations may surprise, even alarm you.

We engender hope for the future.  There are some superb practitioners making headway for resolving the real causes of mental disturbances to help restore individuals to health and support optimal wellness.

In this course you will learn to:

  1. See psychiatry from new perspectives and more readily contact those psychiatrists you feel aligned with.
  2. Add to your strategies for being an advocate for a person who is disturbed so they can get appropriate diagnosis and effective treatment.
  3. Articulate some ways we can improve our mental health care outcomes by adding certain protocols for enhancing diagnosis and treatment, modifying the composition of clinical staff, digitizing information about pharmaceuticals for pharmacies, and taking a more cautious approach to using psychiatric medications, without adding cost to the consumer.
  4. Describe the approach to psychiatric disturbances known as “integrative” or “holistic” and the components of care within those disciplines.
  5. Consider the measureable positive effects of spiritual practices in optimizing mental health.
  6. Readily locate resources to help with recovery for individuals suffering from ADHD, ADD,  Autism, Mood disorders, and Psychotic Disorders.
  7. Have some working knowledge of the positive economics of integrative care outcomes.


Watch on your own time, when convenient.  All resources are online.  Engage with other participants and facilitator through comment boxes in our learning community.


The New PsychiatryEmma Bragdon, PhD, is the Executive Director of  She was licensed as a Marriage, Family, Child Therapist in 1988.  She has been teaching internationally since 1990.

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