Homeopathic Treatment for Mental Health


Learn from an expert in using homeopathic remedies to effectively treat mental health issues. A one hour, live online webinar that will be recorded for your review.

Exciting One Hour Webinar 

with Dr. Tara Peyman

Homeopathic Medicine Expert at IMHU:

A one hour online recorded webinar  on homeopathy and how homeopathic medicine offers an effective alternative to the conventional medication options for mental health conditions. Dr Peyman will define what homeopathic medicine is and describe how it can be utilized in a holistic mental health practice. She will talk about positive outcomes of people she has treated who had previously been diagnosed with PTSD, depression, OCD, and schizoaffective disorder.  Q & A follows.

You will be able:

• To gain a better understanding of what homeopathic medicine is and how it works
• To identify how homeopathic medicines can be utilized in cases of mental health conditions
• To explore how homeopathic medicine can be integrated into a holistic mental health practice

Bio of Presenter:

Dr. Tara Peyman is a licensed naturopathic doctor and the medical director of Integrative Mental Health Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since 2007, she has been focusing on the homeopathic and integrative treatment of bipolar disorder and mental illness. She is President of the Southwest College Naturopathic Society. She has led seminars at Homeopathic Medicine for Mental Health. She is the Vice President of the Psychiatric Association for Naturopathic Physicians, and a co-author of Naturopathic Clinical Boards Practice Exams.

Her treatment program for mental health is tailored to each individual. She is familiar with psychiatric medications and can assist patients in either tapering off these prescriptions, or integrating them with naturopathic care if necessary. She focuses on addressing the underlying causes of illness, and empowers the patient to effectively treat those deeper concerns using homeopathy and natural medicine. She was trained by some of the best classical homeopathic physicians in the country and internationally, and applies these highly effective methods in treating people suffering with depression, mania, anxiety, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, OCD, PTSD, and many other conditions.



Endorsements for Dr. Peyman:

“I went from taking 9 medications down to 2 medications and 1 remedy [in 4 months]. I’m off my blood pressure medication, diabetes medication, anti-psychotic medications, and off my sleeping medications. I like how Dr. Peyman cares about the details of what’s going on with my health care. She is very kind, caring, easy to talk to, and a good listener.” –Lorraine, 43 year old woman with bipolar disorder and type 2 diabetes, treated with homeopathic medicine through our mood disorders program.

“The improvements I saw while under Dr. Peyman’s care have been nothing short of remarkable. I have less crying spells, little to no allergies, little or no panic attacks, more energy, more optimism, less stomachaches and headaches, more positive thinking, less thoughts of pure hopelessness, and am just happier.” –Valerie, treated for depression and panic disorder with homeopathic medicine.

“My mood has improved tremendously. I feel really good about myself.” –Taryn, a 33 year old woman with anxiety, depression, and insomnia treated with homeopathic medicine and acupuncture. Taryn was able to stop her medication for bipolar disorder after only 3 weeks of starting naturopathic medicine.

“I lived for a long time believing that it was normal for me to feel the need to defend myself from everything and anyone all the time. I felt anger, impatience, irritability, stress, and was antisocial in public places. [After 2 months of Dr Peyman’s treatments] the feeling of needing to be always on guard and on defense mode is pretty much gone. I’m more relaxed with more patience… I feel really good.” –Sergio, 33 year old man treated with classical homeopathic medicine.

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