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Claire Mortimer, LNP, shares from her knowledge based on 35 years experience, about how Flower Essence Therapy is effective with mental health issues. Pediatrician, Sylene Almeida, MD, speaks about how she uses flower essences and energy medicine together to successfully treat patients.

Flower essences come from nature and can heal the emotions at a deep level. Flower essence therapy works on a vibrational level, so it does not interfere or interact with other medicines. The effectiveness of flower essence therapy depends on the skill of the practitioner and the willingness of the client to look deeply within themselves to understand their own emotions, triggers, and behavior pattern.

Your Take-Home:
  • Case presentations to illustrate how to choose appropriate flower essences
  • A brief review of select flower essences for you to use
  • Specific flower essences to use in the Dark Night of the Soul/ Depression
  • How Flower Essence Therapy can help with mental health issues
  • Practical advice for using some of the flower essences
  • Research articles to read
  • References for continued education in using flower essences
  • The theory and history of how the healing power of flower essence therapy was discovered
  • How new flower essences are being developed
  • Risks and Benefits of using Flower Essences as a therapeutive tool


 Claire Mortimer gives a slide presentation and speaks for 75 minutes.  Recorded Q&A with the audience follows. Sylene Almeida, MD, a pediatrician from Brazil and a medium, describes how she uses flower essences together with energy medicine.  She illuminates the good outcomes she has had.

Time Involved:

2 hours


Online  and user-friendly.  

Claire Mortimer Presenters:

Claire Mortimer ‘s  medical training took place at Yale University. She has had an accomplished medical career for more than 35 years.  After she became Board Certified as a Family Practice Nurse Practitioner, she worked at UC-San Francisco, at SF General Hospital for 20 years. She was also on Family Practice Residency Faculty for Dartmouth College in Maine.  Claire has trained extensively in the Bach Flower Essence approach, and she has also gone through advanced training with the Flower Essence Society.

Claire’s medical practice integrates herbal medicine, homeopathy, reiki, oriental, food as medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, essential oils, bio-identical hormone therapy, and flower essence therapy with allopathic Western medicine and pharmaceutical medications.

Claire believes deeply that each individual is unique, and she welcomes the challenge of working with her clients to find the healing modalities that will resonate best with each person who seeks her help. Her private integrative medical practice in Blue Hill, Maine is named Many Paths to Healing for that reason.

You can contact her at [email protected]

Sylene Almeida, MD, lives and works in Brazil.  She is the Secretary of Health in the Capital of Brazil, DF.  She grows and harvests her own flowers, creating essences, as well as working with patients.  She is well versed in energy medicine using Jin Shin Jyutsu and often does bodywork with her patients as well as offering them flower essences.  You can contact her at [email protected]

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