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with "Creative Lives" Director, Maureen Burford, M.Ed.

A Framework for Wise Education® is an innovative methodology used with thousands of children and teens that addresses pressing concerns for parents, teachers, and young people. It is based on author Ellen Tadd’s observations about the human energy (chakra) system and its fundamental role in human development. Her Framework distills these findings into practical tools that help a child’s chakra system function well. This, in turn, supports all aspects of healthy child development. You will learn the elements ofthis approach — and its positive impact on children and adults. You will learn the Tadd Technique, an effective Framework strategy for shifting perspective from emotional confusion to clarity and discernment.

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“I have never encountered a more powerful or meaningful Framework for approaching education.”

—Sharon Webster, elementary educator and parent

Maureen Burford, M.Ed.

Join Maureen to explore the practical function of the chakra system as a means to actualize potential and support children on their path.

Creative Lives Executive Director and Framework Facilitator Maureen Burford is a veteran educator with 38 years of experience working with students from the early years through college. In partnership with her long-time teacher, Ellen Tadd, she has brought the Framework approach to thousands of children and teens, locally and nationally, in classroom and out-of-school settings. In 2019, Maureen received The Lynn von Trapp Award for excellence in leading preventative programming for youth in Vermont. Maureen holds an M.Ed. in Creative Education from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a B.A. in music from Cornell University.

Ellen Tadd

Clairvoyant Counselor, Author, Educator

Ellen Tadd is an internationally known clairvoyant counselor, educator, and author who has been teaching and counseling for more than forty years. She is widely respected for the integrity of her work, the accuracy of her perceptions and guidance, and the clarity and usefulness of her teaching. Shortly after completing her freshman year in college, Ellen had a remarkable experience in which she was able to contact her deceased mother. Her mother’s presence and message healed Ellen’s childhood trauma of denying her clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts and transformed her view of the world. Very soon after this awakening, she began to have contact with guides and teachers from spiritual realms who provided her with an extraordinary education. Tadd is the author of four books: A Framework for Wise Education, The Infinite View, The Wisdom of the Chakras, and Death and Letting Go-which appeared on the Boston Globe bestseller list.