Understanding Contact with Extraterrestrials


Contact with extraterrestrials can be disturbing as most incorrectly assume it must be an hallucination. Current mainstream news is now validating that contact has been ongoing for decades. Vivian Davis and Emma Bragdon share about the support available for those disturbed by interaction with inter-dimensional intelligences. Peter Faust, acupuncturist, author and teacher, reflects on his dramatic experiences with ET contact and the ideal support he received from a Harvard psychiatrist. Book chapters from a recent book add to the conversation about consciousness.


A unique 30 min video reveals the dramatic, intimate story of a man who was abducted by ETs and received ideal support through John Mack, MD.  Dr. Mack shares his point of view in a brief vid.  Also, we include a compelling one-hour video to answer  questions about governments disclosing ET contact.  Another 77 min. vid explores the phenomenon of "Star Children". 

You will learn about:
  •  What "Disclosure" Means: Why it is important now
  • How it relates to life-enhancing technology that will allow humans to thrive on this planet
  • 9 theories about ET contact
  • How long humans have been in contact with extra-terrestrials and  what the goal of contact is
  • Indicators that ETs support spiritual evolution
  • The kind of support people need as we face full disclosure
  • What happens to people who get support during this time of rapid change and transition
  • What happens to people who do not get the support they need
  • Valid resources where you can learn more about ETs, human contact, and the Disclosure Project

Anyone, of any age, interested in the topic. 

Emma Bragdon, PhD, Executive Director of Integrative Mental Health for You, is the facilitator.  She interviews Vivian during this pre-recorded webinar.  Emma has written 2 books on Spiritual Awakening phenomena.  In them she identifies that contact with ETs can lead to a category of experience called “Spiritual Emergency” as it can catalyze an inner transformative process that may include extreme states (disorientation, intense moods, etc). Emma teaches a course on “How to Effectively Support Someone in Spiritual Emergency” and Certifies Spiritual Emergence Coaches who can be of support to those in  a psycho-spiritual transformative process.

disclosureGuest Speakers:

Vivian Davis, MA, is a colleague of Corey Goode, an intuitive empath employed by the military of the USA for decades, first as a 6 year old.  Corey is able to be in contact with extra-terrestrials and the military wanted to further USA dialogue with them.  Now at mid-life and no longer employed by the US government, Corey has been interviewed by David Wilcock for Gaia.com since the summer of 2015–a highly rated and vastly popular conversation exposing the need for full disclosure of ET to human communications.   This “disclosure” is rarely spoken about in the mainstream news as it has been kept secret, on purpose, for decades by our government.  When Corey recognized the need to have support for people in transformation as a result of ET contact or facts associated with Disclosure, Vivian volunteered to create resources.

Vivian now hosts DisclosureSupport.org, an online resource for those seeking peer and/or professional support from understanding individuals who will not assume they are crazy if they speak about unusual experiences!  The IMHU Directory of Certified Spiritual Emergence Coaches is included on this website.

disclosurePeter Faust, Ac is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, author and acclaimed teacher of the Constellation Approach to family systems therapy.  He tells the story of his transformative ET interactions as well as the extraordinary support he received with John Mack, MD, psychiatrist and professor at Harvard Medical School.  Peter has had the courage to tell his story multiple times on national TV shows as well as in the documentary film, “Touched“.

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    Antonio Adelson Piñón Rial (verified owner)

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    Great course! Lots of resources about a controversial topic.

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