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Mainstream news is now hilighting the postive potential of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (PAP). Psychedelics are increasingly part of life--no longer in the shadows. PAP with qualified sitters as well as independent integration is available. Update your knowledge of what is going on now in this area thru vid interviews with leaders in the field, articles & contact resources--You may well need this information for yourself and people who seek your coaching. 2.5 CE credits available.

Learning Objectives

You will be learning from leaders in the field and curated information.

  • Describe who is most well-suited to do Psychedlic-Assisted Psychotherapy.

  • Describe who is not well-suited to this mode of therapy.

  • List 5 reasons it is important to have a well-trained guide for this kind of therapy.

  • Recommend 3 good current online resources that can help with integration of psychedelic experiences.

  • Define what a gradient approach to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is all about.

  • Explain 2 positive reasons for the decriminalization of psychoactive drugs.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Psychedelics, Plant Medicines and Spiritual Emergence

    • (2 min read) Charting Our Course/ Reading Resources

    • (5 min) Trailer from 9 Part Docuseries

    • (5 min read) Newsworthy Updates

    • (1 min read) Introducing Mary Cosimano, MSW, of Johns Hopkins U.

    • (15 min view) Psylocybin, Love and the Meaning of Life

    • (4 min vid) Introducing Rick Barnett, Psy.D.

    • (45 min vid) Rick Barnett, Psy.D.: On Safe Use of Psychedelics in Therapy

    • (1min read) Introducing Francoise Bourzat, MA

    • (13 min vid) Francoise Bourzat: Consciousness Medicine and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

    • (1 min read) Resources: Psychedelic Guide Abuse

    • (1 min read) Introducing James Fadiman, PhD.

    • (30 min vid) Micro-dosing Psychedelics

    • (20 min vid) Rick Barnett, Psy.D--An Ideal for the Future

    • (2 min read) More Resources: Courses, Vids, Articles, Orgs

    • (2 min read) The Hero's Journey

    • (1 min read) Connecting Up

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Emma Bragdon

Senior Instructor

Emma is the Founder and Executive Director of Integrative Mental Health University, She is also in private practice, consulting via zoom. On location she offers Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy along with Dr. Benjamin Asher in central Vermont. Dr Bragdon earned her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology in 1987 and was licensed in California as a Marriage, Family, Child Therapist in 1988. She was a volunteer for the Spiritual Emergency Network for 7 years and has been immersed in supporting people in spiritual awakening/ spiritual emergence since 1985. She is a pioneer in the field. Emma has published 7 books and co-produced 2 documentary films. See for more info.

Guest Instructor

Rick Barnett, Psy.D, L.A.D.C., is the founder of the Psychedelic Society of Vermont. In June 2022 he convened 130 people to a conference on Psychedelic Science and Spirituality. He is in private practice in Stowe, Vermont where he offers Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy among other forms of psychotherapy.

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5 star rating

A fascinating insight into a renaissance of a highly speciliat topic.

Mike Rush

5 star rating

psychedelic medicine

Joanne Tortorici Luna

5 star rating


Lauren Brownell

Very informative ! lots of information on best way that psychedelics can work ~ do's and do not's ` very helpful guidance.

Very informative ! lots of information on best way that psychedelics can work ~ do's and do not's ` very helpful guidance.

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