Ibogaine: A Non-Pharmaceutical Road Out of Addiction to Opioids


Ibogaine refers to an African plant that has been used for centuries to effectively interrupt addiction, increase awareness, and promote greater well-being. Treatment is now available in some medical clinics outside in Central and South America as well as Europe. Learn about treatment and outcomes from an MD psychiatrist and ex-addict. Get vetted resources for clinics.


1.5 hours of video presentations along with carefully selected articles and current news.

"Absolutely phenomenal course.    So well researched, clear, thorough, and inspiring. I could easily see myself as part of a movement to bring ibogaine therapy to bear on the opiate addiction crisis, and to the treatment of addiction in general which is such a core component of our culture. --David Anick, MD, Psychiatrist

Ibogaine is described by:
  • Bill Smith, Recovered Addict and current Addictions Counselor
  • Dan Engle, MD, Consulting Psychiatrist to exemplary treatment centers using Ibogaine and Full Spectrum Medicine

Gabor Mate, MD, psychiatrist and author, speaks on the roots of addiction

A brief and stimulating look into the use of Ibogaine to effectively interrupt addiction to alcohol, opioids, cocaine and other addictive substances. 

Iboga is a plant that grows wild in West Africa. An alkaloid from its root-bark can effect extraordinary healing if taken in the right set and setting at the appropriate dosage. It is non-addictive and can be immensely therapeutic when taken only once.

 This is important information for anyone suffering with a dependency on a substance—as well as those using drugs or alcohol to tolerate difficult circumstances. All info given was thoughtfully vetted and pre-selected by Emma Bragdon, PhD, so you can avoid the google hunt for information.


Your take home: Learn what causes addiction and what can stop it through
  • Evocative, inspiring personal stories of success
  • Some laughs with John Oliver, TV comedian
  • Expert perspective on outcomes from a Board-certified US psychiatrist
  • Research that is compelling and up to date
  • Link to clinical guidelines for detoxification
  • Information to share with your state to improve treatments
  • Articles and other videos for supportive information
  • Contacts for easy follow up AND ACTION STEPS
  • Referral base for your clients, friends, family members
  • 5 hours of CE credit for healthcare providers (extra fee)