How Energy Medicine Strengthens Wellness


One-hour webinar with psychiatrist, Rick Leskowitz, MD. Energy Medicine has a profound, positive impact on reducing chronic physical pain as well as mental and emotional distress. It can also reduce symptoms of extreme states, aka psychosis. Resources to contact practitioners and explore further are included.


One Hour Webinar with Rick Leskowitz, MD, Integrative Psychiatrist

This  one-hour presentation will give you:
  • A practical definition of energy medicine and energy psychology
  • The basic underlying principles of energy psychology
  • A survey of practices in energy psychology
  • Important advice for choosing a qualified practitioner
  • Contacts for reputable, professional organizations
  • Practices used by athletes to successfully enhance performance
  • What research tells us about the effectiveness of Energy Psychology

A 45-minute talk with slides includes 15 minutes  Q & A recording. We also provide supplementary resources and references.


Everyone welcome! This presentation is geared to clients looking for effective therapies to improve mental health as well as healthcare providers wanting to learn more about breakthrough therapies.

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Rick Leskowitz MD, ABHM, is a consulting psychiatrist at the Pain Management Program at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston. (He recently semi-retired from being the Director of the Integrative Medicine Task Force at this hospital.) A board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. Leskowitz holds an appointment with the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He has studied energy healing, meditation and hypnosis for over 30 years, and has presented workshops nationally and internationally on the integration of subtle energy techniques and theories with the allopathic medical model. He is a founding member of The Sports, Energy, and Consciousness Group– an integrated collective of doctors, psychologists, scientists, world-class athletes, and leading-edge coaches.

Dr. Leskowitz serves on the Advisory Boards of three journals of integrative medicine, and has written widely for medical and lay journals. He has also edited three textbooks: Transpersonal Hypnotherapy: Gateway to Body, Mind and Spirit (Transpersonal Press, 2010), Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Rehabilitation (Churchill Livingstone, 2003) and Sports, Energy and Consciousness: Awakening Human Potential through Sport (CreateSpace, 2015).

His documentary film about group energies and sports, “The Joy of Sox: Weird Science and the Power of Intention”, was broadcast on PBS stations in the Fall of 2012. The DVD and the companion book of the same name are both available at That URL serves as his personal website as well.

Rick lives with his family in Western Massachusetts, USA.

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    Learn about the increasingly popular field of Energy Psychology, an alternative therapeutic approach with a growing amount of scientific evidence. Yummy!

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