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You will learn the practice of Spiritist energy healing, "passe", how medical intuitives are trained and how we can integrate this paradigm into our clinical practices. In addition, you can watch 7 interviews with two noted North Americans, a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist, who describe their introduction and understanding of Spiritism and the Spiritist paradigm and how it can improve care in the USA. Two Spiritist Brazilian psychiatrists describe the role of consciousness, and the workings of a Spiritist psychiatric hospital. Another MD from Brazil describes the research on Spiritist Therapies and the international outreach of the Spiritist Medical Association. Once enrolled you will be able to review this course indefinitely!

About Spiritist Therapies

Spiritist Therapies have been developed over more than 100 years in Brazil.  They combine shamanic practices (like depossession and energy healing) with the best of modern psychological therapies (like Family Systems), and include ecumenical prayer and take a cautious use of medication.  Psychiatrists work alongside medical intuitives and healers in a team approach.  They practice an "integrative" paradigm of diagnosis and treatment with a refined notion of consciousness.  

Practice of methodology used in Spiritist treatments will be explained and recent research validating this methodology will be shared.  Teachings are appropriate for healthcare professionals as well as the general public.  Healthcare professionals will be able to incorporate the tools and practices offered in this program in ways beneficial to clients or patients.  

What Students Are Saying

“Thank you for this offering. It has really helped me to establish a greater sense of clarity with the work that I have been doing, how I can learn more and how I can reach more people effectively with a blend of traditional psychological practices and the practice of Spiritism.”

Annette Nadeau, LMT, PhD, Spiritual Emergence Coach

“"Thank you Emma for hosting this program. The speakers are outstanding and the information invaluable."”

Student Review



The Presenters

Spiritist Therapies have been highly effective in overcoming addictions, healing from physical illnesses, supporting spiritual awakening, and bringing out the best in those suffering from a spiritual emergency

  • Emma Bragdon, PhD, is the Ambassador of a Spiritist Hospital in Goiania, Brazil, the author of two books and co-producer of a film on Spiritism. She will give an overview of Spiritism and teach how to do the energy healing used in Spiritist Centers.

  • Marcelo Saad, MD & Acupuncturist, will introduce the Spiritist-Medical Paradigm and describe research that has been done establishing the effectiveness of the Spiritist therapies.

  • Alexander Moreira-Almeida, MD has been the former chair on Spirituality for the World Psychiatric Association and the Brazilian Psychiatric Association. He speak about the role of consciousness in Spiritist healing.

  • Jeffrey Rediger, MD psychiatrist is the author of "Cured". He has researched the power of spiritual healing in Brazil and speaks about how effective it can be. Dr. Rediger is medical director of a Harvard teaching hospital in Massachusetts

  • Jussara Korngold, a North American born in Brazil, will speak about the training of medical intuitives and healers who team with psychiatrists and psychologists in Spiritist Psychiatric hospitals and community centers. She has been a medium for 40 years--with many of those years in teaching others.

  • Dagmar Ramos, MD psychiatrist, is also a medium working at Spiritist psychiatric hospitals and in Spiritist Community Centers in Brazil. Due to a health concern she is unable to join us live but will appear in a pre-recorded video interview.

  • Dr. Roberto Lucio, psychiatrist, trains medical school students at one of the best Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals in Brazil. They are known to be innovative and research oriented.

Learning Objectives

On completion, students will be better able to:

  • 1. Describe the three principles of Spiritism, when they originated and who originated them.

  • 2. Assess what is innovative about Spiritist therapies as practiced in Spiritist Community Centers and Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals in Brazil and why it is “integrative”.

  • 3. Compare treatment of highly sensitive persons (HSP) in Spiritist Centers and Hospitals in Brazil to treatment for HSP in the USA’s psychiatric clinics and hospitals.

  • 4. Describe the theory and core techniques of giving a “passe” to themselves or another person.

  • 5. Explain the reasons why all the therapies and trainings offered in the Spiritist Community Centers are given at no cost.

  • 6. Apply “non-judgmental peer support” in an in-patient and outpatient setting.

  • 7. Apply Spiritist philosophy to their own professional lives in regards to diagnosis and treatment.


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  • 1


    • (30 min vid) Spiritism: Bridging Spirituality and Health

    • (1min vid/ 1 min read) Welcome/ Format/ Calendar for LIVE meetup

    • (2 min read) Faculty Bios

    • (1 min read) Acknowledgements/ Request/Disclaimer

    • Resources for Further Reading/ Viewing

    • Link for our LIVE meetups: May 10, 2-3pm, OR 7-8pm EDT (New York City Time)

  • 2

    Four Homestudy Presentations

    • (60 min vid) Emma Bragdon, PhD: Introduction to Spiritism & Spiritist Therapies

    • (15 minutes) Marcelo Saad, MD, PhD on Spiritist Medical International Works

    • (45 min vid) A. Moreira-Almeida, MD, Bio-Psycho-Socio-Spiritual Approach to Mind and Clinical Practice

    • (30 min vid) Marcelo Saad, MD, PhD on Research Re: Spiritist Therapies

    • Resources/ References from Dr. Saad's Presentations

    • (50 min vid) Jeffrey Rediger, MD, M.Div.--Stories of Extraordinary Healing and the Future of Medicine

  • 3

    Three Online Presentations: Pre-recorded

    • (49 min vid) Spiritist Energy Work: Emma Bragdon

    • PDF of Slides from Emma Bragdon & Elza D'Agosto on Spiritist Passes

    • (90 min vid) Jussara Korngold: Training of Mediums & Medical Intuitives for Spiritist Work

    • (60 min vid) with Dr. Roberto Lucio a psychiatrist at a Spiritist Psychiatric Hospital in Brazil

    • (1 min read) Introducing Dagmar Ramos, MD

    • (20 min vid) Dagmar Ramos, MD, describes Spiritist Psych Hospital in Goiania, Brazil

    • (30 min presentation/ 1 hour Panel) Integration: Importing Spiritist Therapies From Brazil

    • Thank you and Links for More Info

  • 4

    Quiz (optional): Test Your Knowledge

    • Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

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