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Peer Specialists and Peer Respites offer very effective means for getting support for the disturbed person and the family. Learn what they are, and where to locate them. Unique video interviews and carefully chosen articles vetted by an expert will touch your hearts. Peer Specialists who have overcome extreme states themselves (including spiritual emergency, addiction and mental disorders) share their paths. They can speed recovery for those in the midst of overcoming these challenges. This connection can reduce the need for psychiatric medication and hospitalization.

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Peer Specialists are more attuned to connecting authentically with others who are having extreme states-- without fear.  Why? They have “been there” They are more prepared to create safe 'Respite Homes' for those who are disturbed, too.

The support of a trained Peer Specialist is a complement to support offered by licensed providers, e.g. MDs, nurses, psychotherapists and may even replace the need for these providers.   

Trained Peer Specialists may in fact be changing our system of mental healthcare into a process that is more humane, more efficient, less costly,  and less dependent on psychiatric medications.  Peer support also contributes to building supportive community.  

On completion you will be better able to:

  • Explain what a Peer Specialist is and how they can help an individual and a family
  • Describe what guidelines Peer Specialists follow  in mental healthcare
  • Describe the breadth of peer specialist support services 
  • Know what a Respite House is, how to locate one, and what kind of care they offer

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You receive the contents all at once so you can pick and choose what lesson within it you want to see/read.  You will have the materials to review for an unlimited time.  



Emma Bragdon, PhD. is the Founder & Executive Director of Integrative Mental Health University, IMHU.org. She has taught a version of peer counseling and been a participant of the peer movement in various ways spanning diverse cultures since 1980. Emma was licensed as a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist in 1988 and is the author of 7 books. https://imhu.org/about-imhu/founder/ . She is also available for private consultation: EmmaBragdon.com

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