Brazil Seminar: A New Paradigm of Mental Healthcare

$750.00 Deposit

A week long LIVE seminar in Brazil explores the Spiritist model of integrative care. The paradigm attends to body, mind and spirit with a special emphasis on spiritual healing that has been successfully used since the 1890s. Participants watch and experience energy healing, blessed water, spirit release therapy, and methods to speed spiritual evolution without psychotropics. This can help seed positive transformation in mental healthcare worldwide.


November 4-11, 2023

Explore Brazil’s Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals and Community Centers: 

Experience Spiritist Treatments

(We will not be going in 2022.  We regret the pandemic has made us pause. Contact us  with your

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The Spiritist paradigm in mental health care addresses the spiritual aspects of illness and treatment in an ecumenical and dynamic way, unseen anywhere else in the world. The Spiritist paradigm also attends to the biological and emotional aspects of disturbances while taking a cautious approach to psychiatric medications. It is a forerunner in “Integrative Mental Health”.spiritist

Many have gotten a glimmer of this outstanding  paradigm through the extraordinary healing of some Brazilian healers; few have stepped into the full light of opportunities for both personal transformation and change that the 50 Spiritist hospitals and 13,000 Spiritist centers reveal.  A 30-minute documentary film, Spiritism: Bridging Spirituality and Health, will give you a taste of what we experience and why it is important in the field of mental health.


CEs & CMEs

This seminar is only open to healthcare providers and students who are becoming healthcare providers…and those who  pioneer initiatives in mental healthcare. All participants receive a Certificate of Completion.  Medical doctors can attain CME.  Psychologists, social workers, and psychotherapists can receive Continuing Education credit.

Small Group: Experiential Learning

We travel in a small group, no larger than ten.  Emma Bragdon, PhD is our guide, introducing each part of the journey. We have on-site tours, hear presentations, get updates on research, watch diagnosis and treatment via mediums and medical intuitives, and (if you wish) experience all of the Spiritist treatments individually. These include readings by medical intuitives as well as mediums practicing “disobsession”–a kind of exorcism. These are given by Brazilian psychiatrists and other MDs who are also highly trained mediums and work at the Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals; as well as highly-trained intuitives who have been working effectively with patients for many years.

You will watch teams of 8-10 mediums working together in “syntonie” (Portuguese word that translates  into “oneness” or “exquisite harmony”).  Their work benefits patients who have seemed incapable of making positive change…this can include schizophrenics who are no longer bothered by symptoms of pathology.

The Spiritist hospitals are unique to Brazil, held in high regard, and offer an 90-year tested form of integrative health care involving body, mind and spirit.  Staff are attentive to diet and often use homeopathic remedies and herbs along with other kinds of micro-nutrients in a wholesome diet to assist patients trying to regain balance.


Fees and Inclusions

The weeklong seminar includes all hotel stay in Goiania and most meals as well as  one day of R&R at a colonial village with access to hiking, swimming and waterfalls.  We are served a delicious brunch at the farmhouse of a primal forest that includes 40 homemade items made from local ingredients.  The town boasts lovely restaurants by the river and excellent shopping for Brazil’s best handcrafts.

Full price for the Brazil seminar varies according to what type of rooming situation you prefer:  single is $2975 and shared room is $2475 for each person.  You can pay for the deposit of $750 on this site to reserve your space.  Balance is due 30 days before the trip begins.  For the application/registration materials, several short videos, and 3 pages of description, including the itinerary and description of fees go to:

When we receive notice of your interest we will send you guidelines to prepare for the trip regarding visa, airfare, etc.

NEW- Jucelino da Luz, an exceptional medium and healer, is offering to be with the group.  In his nightly dreams he receives many predictions  of world events (environmental, political, financial, etc) that impact us all–profoundly.  He also offers personal consultations and healings–including psychic surgery.  You can stay on in the hotel after the seminar to participate if you wish.  Cost: A donation to cover his expenses of travel, hotel, meals, group presentation, and private consultation.

What People Have Said:

  1. “I arrived in Brazil a physician full of questions armed with experiences in integrative medicine, but was a novice with the spiritual aspect of healing. My two weeks with Emma Bragdon, PhD immersed in Spiritism… have changed my spiritual paradigm, and shown me the path from physician to healer. The personal shift is undeniable – the outward expression of this shifting unfathomable.”Shawn Tassone, MD, PhD, and author of “Spiritual Pregnancy”, Austin, Texas

  2. “It was a fabulous week indeed. I am back to work and the more I try to describe it, the more I realize how amazing it was to be guided so intimately into another culture and to experience an integrative health system that is so grounded and rooted in respect and compassion for those challenged by mental illness. It was so inspiring to meet doctors who are Spiritist and to see how seamlessly they blend heart and science. Thank you for providing this opportunity. You are a bridge to a new way of looking at health and spirituality. The trust and relationships you have developed are what make this program remarkable.”Susan Ortiz, MD, Director of Maine Holistic Center, Bangor, Maine

  3. “Dr. Bragdon skillfully prepares you for an experience that without her guidance, would be mediocre at best. As your personal guide, her tour guarantees a wonderful experience with mediumship as practiced in Brazil.”John L. Turner, MD, Neurosurgeon, Author: Medicine, Miracles and Manifestations, Hawaii

  4. “I highly recommend Emma Bragdon. She has solid professional credentials and many years of impressive work as a scholar. Emma has a great personality and she creates many rich opportunities which would be completely unavailable to those with less knowledgeable, experienced, and insightful guides.”Karen Ziegler, MSN, MDiv, DMin, Nurse Practitioner; Faculty, Duke U. School of Medicine

  5. “After spending most of my adult life in Psych Hospitals as a psychiatric nurse… to see a staff of Mediums, and Drs. working as mediums in clinics and hospitals our trip to Brazil remains a top experience for me.”–Jessie Haugabook, RN

  6. “This trip is transformative! – Pam Shervanick, psychiatrist

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