How to Effectively Support Someone in Spiritual Emergency

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Understand and learn from an expert about the basics of how to manage psycho-spiritual, transformative crises within yourself or with ones you care for. All Welcome. CEs available.

 5 Star Reviews 

  1. “Expansive, affirming, hope-filled, integrating, connective, informative, nourishing. It has been a blessing to me to absorb what was presented and to be among people with hearts for healing…trying to live awake.” —A Recent Student

  2. “This course provided a much-needed orientation to a disorienting experience, both personally and professionally. The material was presented in a very professional, normalizing manner that served to set a tone that inspires me in talking to other professionals about these matters as if this was just a matter-of-fact discussion – very useful!” —Dan Metevier, PsyD

  3. “(I had) the opportunity to widen my scope of knowledge about the differences between Spiritual Emergence and Emergency and to increase my understanding of alternative treatment/helping models in other cultures…The lecture materials are stellar and I enjoyed the resources that followed each lesson. Emma is a fantastic teacher.” —Linda Ruthen, MSW

  4. “Emma is a leading voice and figure in the realm of spiritual emergence. I feel honored and blessed to be part of Emma’s courses.” —Kyle Buller, MA student of Psychology

  5. “We so need what Dr. Bragdon has to teach us. I recommend her courses highly and without reservation.” —David Anick, MD (psychiatrist)

  6. “I enthusiastically recommend attending Dr. Bragdon’s workshop, “Effective Help for Someone in Spiritual Emergency”. Her many years as a psychotherapist, healer, scholar and presenter shine through as she presents her life’s work, creating many rewarding opportunities for expansive professional and personal enrichment.” —Ted Esser, Ph.D., Faculty at Sofia University and past Director of the Spiritual Emergence Network

  7. “I really enjoyed this webinar series. It rounded out my knowledge of Spiritual Emergency. I took extensive notes…If you are wondering about the intersection of severe mental distress and spiritual awakening–this is a wonderful place to get a deep understanding.” –Phil Borges, Co-Producer of the film “Crazywise” and popular TedTalks speaker on “Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening.”

    Rated 5 out ofThis course was enlightening about my own experience and gave me so many great references to read and research historically and cross culturally. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the next course I take!
    Rated 5 out of From Adelson Piñón, PhD.

    Highly recommended! Dr. Emma Bragdon is a world-class figure in the field of transpersonal psychology. Her awesome course will vastly expand your concept of spirituality. The course includes fascinating and engaging webinars, online meet ups, and lots of eye-opening resources such as interviews, documentaries, peer reviewed articles, etc. The list of 20+ recommended books is highly valuable for any serious student. I´ve read many of Emma´s books and found them enjoyable and a great complement to the webinars.

    If you’re interested in spiritual emergence/emergency as an experiencer or as a health care provider, this course is for you! (Dr. Adelson Piñón, Spain)

    Rated 4 out of 5


    gbUnited Kingdom

    I thought there were some great resources given within this training – and I particularly loved the Stanislav Grof framework of 12 sources of spiritual emergence/emergency. A wide range of material was covered, illustrating the various sources of spiritual emergency, which was really helpful.
    I thought there was too much emphasis on the Spiritist model of healing – which is interesting but only one of the available options.
    And I think there could be additional resources provided under the shamanic and hallucinogenic sections, where the information was limited.
    Overall however it has definitely added to my appreciation of the wide ranging causes of spiritual emergence/emergency and some of the options available to assist clients/patients who display some of these symptoms.
    I am not trained as a psychiatrist and hence discerning whether clients/patients are genuinely suffering from a mental health issue that may need psychiatric care or whether they are suffering from spirit attachments, connection with the non-local field or inforealm or other trauma (personal or ancestral or karmic) has always been one of my concerns. This course was helpful in giving some pointers to this dilemma.

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