10 Reasons to Add Spirituality to Mental Healthcare and Why


People who feel disturbed recover more quickly when their spirituality is addressed and given a meaningful role in healing and healthcare. Watch this 75 min online presentation at your convenience.


Spirituality and/or spiritual practices can be a dynamic component of mental healthcare…making it more highly effective.


A 75 minute, pre-recorded webinar.  You will learn 10 ways to bring spirituality into mental healthcare by exploring a 100+ year old tradition in Brazil and an ancient tradition in India used for over 1,000 years.  Both are effective models we can learn from. Webinar offers colorful slides followed by resources for further reading and viewing and a  worksheet for personal reflection.

Themes include peer support, education, discussion groups, meditation, prayer, energy work, supporting spiritual evolution, and the real cause of mental disturbance–which western conventional psychiatry is still unable to pinpoint.

You may be inspired to bring this multi-cultural knowledge to your own community –or simply use it to improve your own wellbeing.


For anyone interested in reducing stigma, encouraging healing and growth, and improving mental health care resources in their communities. It will also be of interest to anyone wanting to learn more about Spiritism, spiritualism in Brazil, meditation, prayer, and optimizing mental health.  Highly recommended for healthcare providers to expand their own ideas of what is available in treatment, and think about making changes in the environment in which they now work.


At your convenience.   You will be linked to the course at registration.


Online, on our learning platform.  It’s user-friendly!


$24.00 for personal use.  Please contact us if you want to show this in a public offering to a group.  We are not opposed—we simply want to be informed and get feedback.  A donation to help support IMHU is appreciated.  We depend on fees to fund our ongoing work.


Emma Bragdon, PhD is the Founder/ Director of the Integrative Mental Health University, IMHU.org.  She has a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology and was licensed as a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist in 1988.  She has been a meditator since 1966.  She has published 7 books and co-produced 2 documentary films on themes related to spirituality and  health.   Two of the books are on Spiritism in Brazil.  From 2001-2012 she spent 6 months of each year in Brazil studying Spiritism.  She currently conducts a one week seminar with her associates in Brazil to reveal Spiritist Psychiatry to non-Brazilian mental health care providers.   EmmaBragdon.com/brazil-trips

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  1. admin (store manager)

    “The webinar was wonderful. The straightforward approach to delivering challenging concepts balanced by supporting an Optimal Wellness potential, the whole person paradigm, is so key to redefining the normal that has been standardized…people want to know where they’re going and what that looks like. The Spiritism metaphysical and existential meaning of illness as an opportunity to becoming more loving and wise, can only be a huge relief to those grasping at straws to make meaning of their mental or physical pain.”– Terry Monell, MA

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