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Over ten hours of interviews with psychiatrists and psychologists who are well-informed and profoundly experienced.

  • See how the NEW Psychiatrists are turning to Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapies in order to effectively assist people with depression, anxiety and PTSD. Watch an interview by Dr. Mithoefer who is well versed in working legally with people with MDMA

  • Watch Susana Bustos, PhD, describe the risks and benefits of using Ayahuasca. Born in Chile, and having worked in an Ayahuasca clinic helping those with addictions, she is highly qualified to speak about this South American plant medicine and its use.

  • Watch an overview of Psychedelic Medicine and the promise of radically amplifying the success of psychotherapy.

  • Watch interviews with practitioners of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and hear about the success of individual and group work.

  • Ibogaine can successfully interrupt all addications. You can learn where you can safely and legally find a clinic...and learn more about the experience of taking Ibogaine.

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