Bundle Includes 5 Courses

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Reasons to Get This Bundle

You get to save money AND understand some of the extraordinary spiritual experiences people can have...as well as some practical helpful suggestions

  If you buy these courses one by one and not in a bundle the cost to you would be $149USD.  Get the bundle for $124.  You  save $25 USD and can better understand several phenomena associated with awakening.  The professionals teaching you are the best.  A forward-thinking MD from Harvard medical school...A psychotherapist studying mediums...an exemplary teacher/ healer who started her own successful Institute...and Emma Bragdon, PhD, Executive Director of IMHU.

Recommended Order of Viewing

Of course, it won't hurt to follow your intuition either!

  • "Spiritual Emergency: What is it?" will show you how people can become disoriented by phenomena of awakening.

  • "Kundalini, Bioenergy, and Awakening" will illustrate the phenomena associated with consciousness expanding and how that affects the body.

  • "How Energy Medicine Strengthens Wellness" will demonstrate how energy work can help balance the body and mind even when it is emotionally disturbed or feeling pain.

  • "Readings with Mediums: Things to Consider" speaks about the positive impact qualified mediums can have for someone who is grieving.

  • "Grounding for Empaths Using Chakras" gives practical advice on how to stay grounded using certain meditations. This can be extremely valuable for empaths who are impacted by others' energies.

Options for Paying Fee

Payment Plan: $43 each month for 3 months