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on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, 7-8pm EDT

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Kundalini, BioEnergy, and Awakening

Sorting It Out

You will watch a one-hour, online webinar with Emma Bragdon, PhD. She's been a bioenergetic therapist and a meditator using kundalini rising techniques for 40+ years. Her talk is followed by 11 minutes with an East Indian Guru. A one hour live online meetup is available for LIVE Q&A and discussion. Learn how to recognize true kundalini experiences and how to expand into full kundalini awakening. Includes a unique interview with someone who describes her experience, as well as articles, guided self-reflection, and resources for further learning. A 3 hour course. 3 Continuing Education (CE) credits available.

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Includes one hour group coaching/sharing & discussion

Kundalini is becoming a household term…but there is a lot of misinformation afloat about what it is–and when someone is experiencing it.  This webinar gives an easy, clear definition of what it is and how a kundalini experience manifests–as well as directions on how you can cultivate a full awakening of kundalini in Self-realization.

If you are a healthcare provider (MD, nurse, counselor, psychotherapist, spiritual coach), a yoga teacher or energy practitioner this course will give you essential information for discerning subtleties in diagnosis and defining future treatment.

Learning Objectives:

On complation you will be able to: 

  • Define  Kriyas, Kundalini, Kundalini Psychosis and Spiritual Emergence
  • Understand how the theories of  Wilhelm Reich, MD and somatic therapies contribute to our understanding of kundalini 
  • Map out the pathway of Kundalini rising
  • Identify misunderstandings in the literature of kundalini
  • Contact qualified resources for spiritual mentoring for awakening
  • Obtain a list of references for recommended books/film

Included are:

  • 63 signs of living a high vibration versus low vibration life--useful for  recognizing signs of awakening in others, 
  • A unique video interview of Lauren Spiro speaking of a kundalini experience she had, 
  •  An invitation for guided self-reflection to assist you on your way.


kundaliniEmma Bragdon, PhD is the Founder/Director of IMHU.  She’s published two books on Spiritual Emergency and 5 other books on spirituality and health as well as co-producing two documentary films on spiritual healing.  Emma trained as a Neo-Reichian, Bioenergetic therapist in the 1970s.   As a licensed psychotherapist she also taught meditation as well as facilitated breathwork with individual clients and groups.   She completed Yoga teacher training in 1980. These experiences  give her profound knowledge of both kundalini experiences as well as bio-energetic phenomena.  

CONTACT: Dr. Bragdon is available for personal consultation.  Her website:  Office Phone: 802-674-2919

3 Continuing Education Credits Available

Continuing Education Credits are available for this course for mental health professionals, nurses and MDs. Go to to sign up for them. The fee is $50. for each course and we need you to fill out an application to specify some details for each course you take. On completion this course can award you with 3 Continuing Education credits or CMEs. Everyone will receive a course completion certificate on completion.

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Course curriculum

Connect with Others Into the Subjects

  • 1


    • (1 min read) Acknowledgements, a Request & the Disclaimer

    • (1 min read) Mark Your Calendar+Your Take Home+Link to Live Meeting

    • (1 hour LIVE meeting) Link to LIVE Online Meeting with Emma Bragdon, PhD. - Tuesday, March 28, 2023, 7pm

  • 2

    Perspectives on Kundalini

    • (60 min) Webinar on Kundalini Awakening

    • (5 min) Kriyas

    • (5 min vid) A Kundalini Experience

    • (11 min vid) Watch Sadhguru Speak About Kundalini Awakening

    • (10 min read) Do You Have a "Low" or "High" Vibration? Check Out These 63 Signs

    • (20 Min) Self-Reflection Worksheet: Your Experiences of Kundalini and Bioenergy

    • (5 min read) Did We Deliver?

    • (1 min read) Your Next Steps


from previous students in the course

"This course really helped me understand Kundalini and clarify my previous misconceptions. I also learned how it differs from bio energetic releases, which I am glad to know now."--Kathy P.

"Awesome course! The course is brief but densely packed. I particularly enjoyed learning more about Kundalini and somatic therapies (i.e., Bioenergetic Analysis, Reichian Therapy). Highly recommended!"--

Antonio Adelson Piñón Rial, PhD. , Galicia, Spain


5 star rating

Wish this info had been available to me decades ago!

Mary Reilly Mathews

5 star rating


Jordan Blacktop

Great! The guru-centric philosophy needs to be revisited.

Great! The guru-centric philosophy needs to be revisited.

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