New Models for Integrative Care

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Explore a selection of new models for residential and collaborative care outside conventional hospitalization and the standard regimes that rely on psychiatric medication. In these newer models we can have the benefit of a team of providers who bring diverse kinds of perspectives and skills to effectively optimize wellness. We can thus reduce stigma, minimize pathological labeling, and open the door to full recovery.

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The Best Models of Integrative Care

When caring for someone in an extreme state: usually we are limited in our choices.  In most situations all that is available is an emergency room, a hospital ward, or a clinic with an individual healthcare provider.

This course offers effective options--and models that can be recreated in your community.     You don’t have to sort out this complex field, looking for contacts on your own, spinning through google and youtube.  Healthcare providers have curated the materials and have done the sorting for you.

You will see 4 unique video interviews with leaders who describe options they have helped to create and work within:  

  • Psychiatrists Judith Pentz, Rick Leskowitz, and Dagmar Ramos describe options in Colorado, Massachusetts and Brazil. 
  •  Beatrice Birch, Founder of Inner Fire, an alternative residential care facility in VT, describes their program.
Two video interviews were selected from the public domain in which two psychiatrists speak about a model residential center and a model collaborative clinic.

Diana Cooper is a mother of a man who has been through conventional care.  She shares her perspectives to illustrate what happens when integrative care is not available.  

You will also receive contact information for integrative centers in USA, Norway and Brazil--that do not over-rely on psychiatric medications.

On Completion You Will Be Better Able to:

  • Describe several effective working models for an integrative approach to  residential care
  • Describe several effective working models for integrative, collaborative clinics 
  • Obtain contact information with the above centers
  • Explain the necessity of having options to help people heal by treating the causes of problems
  • Transform your private practice or clinic so it becomes more “integrative”–as a provider
  • Clarify what kind of treatment you prefer as a consumer
  • Feel hope for the future of mental healthcare as more integrative options become available.

Dates: At your convenience.  Course takes about 2 hours to complete.

Location: Online

Structure: There are 3 modules which you can follow in sequence or cherry pick what interests you.  You’ll watch videos and have some reading.  You can discuss  with other students and the facilitator, if you wish, via discussion boxes within the course. 




  • A Mother’s Story with Her Schizophrenic Son

When Someone is in an Extreme State

  • Loren Mosher, MD: Soteria House Worked!
  • Judith Pentz, MD:  Why We Need Soteria Now
  • Dagmar Ramos, MD: What Brazil’s Spiritism Offers
  • Beatrice Birch and the Treatment for Seekers at Inner Fire
  • No Meds in Norway?: You Choose

Creating Successful Teams

  • Scott Shannon, MD: A Model Mental Health Center
  • Rick Leskowitz, MD: Pain Management and The Joy of Sox

More Resources

The New PsychiatryFacilitator: Emma Bragdon, PhD 

is the Founder/Director of Integrative Mental Health University,  She was licensed as a Marriage, Family, Child Therapist in 1988 and has been involved with teaching integrative therapies for 45 years.  She has written 7 books and co-produced two documentary films.

Certificates and CEs

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