Natural Relief from Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder


People with bipolar (manic-depression) conditions can return to full health with minimal or no psychiatric medications. Learn what the condition is and some basic ways to manage your sensitivities that can lead to recovery. Articles, unique videos, and cartoons entertain and inform.


Are you a person or a caretaker who wants to understand a more expanded definition of a bipolar diagnosis?  Do you want to know what options you have for effectively managing the symptoms and recovering health?   We  give you resources to develop knowledge, skills and a positive outlook.  Please keep in mind we are not sponsored by any companies or lobbies so you will get straight independent information.

Our aim is for you to take home knowledge and resources:

  • a working definition of bipolar condition
  • the causes of bipolar symptoms and the rise in prevalence of bipolar
  • steps you can take to manage and/or modify symptoms of bipolar without psychiatric drugs
  • a resource for professional help managing bipolar symptoms and finding recovery
  • knowledge of what a holistic psychiatrist has to offer


At your convenience--anytime.


This course is  online through our secure learning platform. It's  user-friendly and easy to follow…not to worry!


  This module has activities including articles to read, videos to view, some items for self-reflection and discussion with other participants and the facilitator.  We create a supportive learning community for you to participate in as you choose.


  • What is Bipolar?
  • Can You Recover from Bipolar Disorder?
  • Meet Michael Gurevich, MD: 3 min video
  • Michael Gurevich, MD 28 min video on Bipolar Disorder
  • Food and Mood: Your Choices Make a Big Difference
  • True Hope: Some of Us Need More Micronutrients To Stay Balanced
  • Links: Natural Methods of Treating Bipolar Disorder


Emma Bragdon, PhD.  Founder/ Director of Integrative Mental Health for You.   Emma was licensed as a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist in 1988 and is the author of 7 books. ,

Guest Presenter:  

Michael Gurevich, MD. is a holistic psychiatrist with a clinic on Long Island, NY.  In his whole systems approach, he pays particular attention to digestive issues,food sensitivities, and life style choices, following German Biological Medicine.  He also uses Systemic Family Constellation, a personal therapy to resolve conflicts with others.  His clients also benefit through his use of neural therapy, and the expertise of the acupuncturist and naturopathic physician with whom he shares his office.

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