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Want to be empowered to make informed decisions about how to manage and overcome your depression? We help you reflect on the effectiveness and risks of using psychiatric medications. Most importantly, you will also learn how to use evidence-based, effective alternatives that have no side effects. Explore the promising new psychedelic therapies on the horizon. You will then feel more confident in making decisions for yourself, your loved ones, and your clients–if you are a healthcare provider. 3 CEs available for healthcare professionals & MDs. Credit may be available for undergrads and grad students.

We Meet Up on Zoom for Live Discussion, Q & A

June 6, 2023, 7-8pm ET, 4-5pm PT

Connect with facilitator as well as other students interested in the topic. Ask questions...discuss...share what works for you...hear what works for others. Great opportunity for some networking and sharing resources.

For Health Seekers and Healthcare Providers

Health Seekers:

This short course will point you in the direction of nourishing lifestyle changes and  resources that you can use  to improve your wellbeing and overcome depression.  Your active participation in creating wellness is  the foundation for the deepest healing.  Typically,  healthcare provider does not have the time to educate you about the full range of effective alternatives.  Our professional team curates this and delivers it to you so  you don’t have to google or youtube to hunt for answers.  Do keep in mind: This course offers information.  It is educational.  It is not a replacement for consulting your trusted healthcare provider about your specific issues.

Healthcare Providers:  

Learn about the full range of effective therapies, curated by professionals in the field.

CEs and CMEs available.  Scroll below for info

Please consider: If you suggest this course to your clients/patients it can save you time in educating them and empower them to make informed choices.  

Learning Objectives: You will become better able to--

  • Make informed decisions about choosing a path to overcome depression
  • Compare and define integrative methods of overcoming depression
  • Find appropriate, curated resources and practitioners to follow up on your interests and choices.

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Format: Online and Easy to Navigate

You'll enjoy unique videos, movie trailers, articles, self-tests, quizzes, self-reflection, cartoons and resources for further study.

How Much Time Does It Take?

About 2 hours for online materials. One more hour if you join the LIVE meetup.  Time to finish depends on how much you want to follow up on links given and extra materials.  

  4 Parts to the Course 

Part One:  You can take a quick online test to see if you are depressed, reflect on what mainstream medicine would prescribe, reflect on successful stories of individuals who use the therapies we suggest in this course, and begin to chart your course for healing.  Of interest: reflect on what is helpful to you if you are living with a depressed person.

Part Two: You can learn more about the foundation of health regarding sleep, nutrition, micronutrients, exercise and de-stressing.  We cover some details on dosage of micronutrients as well as risks (if any) and outcomes.  We consider the value of volunteer service and maintaining supportive relationships, ideally in a community of meaning.

Part Three:  You will be introduced to a number of effective therapies that have proven very effective in overcoming depression.  These work with light, sound, electromagnetic frequencies, energy, somatic experience, bio- and neuro-feedback as well as cathartic therapies and meditation.

Part Four: We look at the horizon, i.e. therapies now being studied that have shown great promise but are not yet fully endorsed by the FDA and are on the cusp of being legalized.  These include micro-dosing with LSD or psilocybin and, under trained guidance in a therapeutic setting, using MDMA aka Ecstasy, Ketamine, or Ayahuasca.

If You are Financially Challenged

IMHU can offer some partial scholarships. Click HERE for application.  We ask you to answer some questions and send us an email.  Keep in mind we are a not for profit, charitable organization here to be in service–but we also have bills to pay as we have overhead.  We have no sponsors and remain independent of special interests; therefore we rely on course registrations to keep going.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • (11 min vid) Welcome

    • (1 min read) Disclaimer-Request -Acknowledgements

    • (2 min read) Mark Your Calendar for LIVE meetup...Our Agenda & Your Take Home

    • (5 min read/reflection) Take This Test to Determine if You are Depressed

    • (5 min read) Outcomes from Patients Who Used These Alternatives

    • (1 min read) This Info May be Inadequate IF...

    • (2 min read) Mainstream Convention: Definitions and Treatment/ Withdrawal from Psychotropics

    • (1 min read) 8 Causes of Depression

    • (3 min vid) Medicating Normal: Trailer of a New Film

    • (1 min read) Why "Integrative" Methodologies

    • (1 min read/laugh) Living with a Depressed Person

    • Quizlet #1

  • 2

    Most Important & Often Overlooked

    • (3 min vid/1 min read) Exercise

    • (2 min read) Nutrition and Micronutrients

    • (2 min read) Prebiotics and Probiotics

    • (5 min read) Getting Adequate Sleep

    • (1 min read/ 5 min guided meditation) Relaxation Techniques

    • (1 min read) Test for Allergies to Food, Mold, and Environmental Pollutants

    • (1 min read) Connection and Community

    • (1 min read) Volunteering

    • (2 min read) Psychotherapy

    • Quizlet 2

  • 3

    Other Approaches to Add

    • (2 min read) Light Therapy

    • (2 min read) Modest Electro-stimulation, Earthing, and PEMFs

    • (2 min read) Energy Work

    • (10 min song/ 2 min read) Sound Therapy

    • (2 min read) Biofeedback and Neurofeedback

    • (3 min vid/ 3 min read) Eliminating Effects of Trauma: EMDR & TRE

    • ( 5 min read) Meditation

    • (1 min read) Regression Therapy

  • 4

    Effective Therapies On the Horizon

    • (1 min read) Introducing Psychedelic Therapies

    • (1 min read) Ketamine-Assisted Therapy (KAT)

    • (2 min vid/2 min read) Microdosing LSD or Psilocybin

    • ( 9 min vid/ 2 min read) MDMA/aka Ecstasy: Mindful of Set and Setting

    • (1 min vid/ 5 min read) Sacred Plants Used in Ceremony

    • (3 min read) Resources for Further Reading

    • (5 min song/1 min read) Final Message

    • Quizlet 3

Course Fee

If you are under financial duress please complete the application for a partial scholarship at


Senior Instructor

Emma is the Founder and Executive Director of Integrative Mental Health University, She is also in private practice, consulting via zoom. On location she offers Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy along with Dr. Benjamin Asher in central Vermont. Dr Bragdon earned her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology in 1987 and was licensed in California as a Marriage, Family, Child Therapist in 1988. She was a volunteer for the Spiritual Emergency Network for 7 years and has been immersed in supporting people in spiritual awakening/ spiritual emergence since 1985. She is a pioneer in the field. Emma has published 7 books and co-produced 2 documentary films. See for more info.

Course Completion Certificate & 3 Continuing Education Credits

for Healthcare Providers and Students Seeking Credits

Everyone completing the course will get a Course Completion Certificate. 3 Continuing Education Credits are available for this course for mental health professionals, nurses and MDs. Click on button below to submit your identification for CEs. The fee is $50. payable at registration.

Our Guarantee to You

If you are not satisfied with what our course has to offer within 30 days of registration we will return your fee to you in full.


If you are under financial duress please apply for a partial scholarship:


"This course is packed with really useful up-to-date information on a variety of topics related to the integral treatment of depression. Highly recommended!"-Mike Rush, UK

"Excellent course with well-researched and up to date information on overcoming depression. There are many links to more in-depth information, including movies and articles with the latest research. There are so many therapies now that offer promise for release for those suffering with depression."-Carol Noyes, Vermont, USA

"This is a very worthwhile course loaded with a lot of valuable information from many credible sources, plus wonderful relevant cartoons, images. I highly recommend it."--Dianne Seaman, Pennsylvania, USA

"Incredible course packed with great information on overcoming depression. It offers many options to figure out what what is the best way to diagnose what might be going on with you and also what is the best option to take for a healthy recovery. ~ Highly recommended"--Lauren Brownell, Vermont, USA

"This course was loaded with information that helps those experiencing depression and their caregivers consider hopeful alternatives to treatment of depression and understanding of possible causes. I will use it as a source of information to refer my clients to."--Linda Sherer, licensed psychotherapist, Minnesotta, USA

"This course is presented with such compassion and simplicity that even the depressed mind will find it easy enough to follow and appreciate the education, guidance, resources and actionable tools it offers. You’ll be left with empowering knowledge, courage and hope."--Colette St. Claire, California, USA

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5 star rating

Very comprehensive look at alternative treatments for depression

Barbara Meyers

I liked the thorough nature of the course - many different alternatives were presented with materials to do further exploration of each of them. Well researched and well presented.

I liked the thorough nature of the course - many different alternatives were presented with materials to do further exploration of each of them. Well researched and well presented.

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